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My name is Zuzana Szabó (formerly Ivanová), I live in Banská Bystrica.
My hobby is baking and Bundt cake pans collecting. Tne "new" pieces I usually find in the bazaars. Therefore Id like to create such Bundt cake pans that would last for ages and will have timeless design and our children could inherit them.

I studied chemical engineering and work 11 years (with maternity leave) in various positions in biotechnological production.

Enjoy the information provided  🙂

This is Rasťo, 

our main adult taster :) His role is challenging but he keeps the fulfillment. Besides tasting, he has good sense for stylistics, web pages and their administration. He is an excellent google searcher, has an eye on legislation, SEO, and at last but not least, he is a big fan of Bábovkovo.  

Together with the small taster.
Together with the small taster.


Zuzana Szabó

Gerlachovská 6
97411 Banská Bystrica

+421 915 122 905


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