Bundt Cake Recipes

This bundt cake has delicate almond and marzipan aroma and taste. This dessert deserves a special occasion to be served. Home experience is that can be served any time during the day as a snack and quickly disappears.
Enjoy your own one.

Can we call this juicy bundt cake full of oranges, curds and white chocolate a festive one ? Of course. For sure, it is as same good for common days or as a Sunday dessert. It is currently one of our favorites. Let´s try and enjoy !

This recipe is alteration to classic combination of lemon and poppy seeds. The lime acidity is more delicate and white poppy seeds are crispy and taste like walnut-ish. In case there are no such ingredients possible, you can still use above mentioned lemon and blue poppy seeds 🙂 This bundt cake was very shortly eaten after baking. Let´s try your...

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